Serving Residential & Commercial Customers in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan

Irrigation - Designing & installing a professional irrigation system for Residential and Commercial customers is the heart of our business. Anthony Irrigation offers close personal attention to each individual customer by both the owner and our experienced technicians. Our designers and installers are qualified and well trained in irrigation system design, and deliver the finest quality installation & service. We will create a customized irrigation system for your residence or commercial property that is strategically designed to optimize and beautify your landscaping. We use the highest quality materials available, including irrigation products from industry leaders Hunter and RainBird.

The performance of your automatic sprinkler system is only as good as the professionals who design and install it.

Remember that when you choose the company to install your system, you are also making a choice regarding the quality of service which you will receive in the future. Our trained staff offers you an extensive knowledge base to meet the challenge of any size project. Because we have this expertise, we are able to design and implement a system which will give you the most efficient sprinkler coverage for your investment.

We do not just install a system and then disappear. We are here to service what we sell. Our commitment to you to provide quality service after the sale ensures you of long lasting, efficient operation for years to come.

Service Checkup - Existing irrigation systems occasionally need checkups. As time goes on your landscaping grows and your water supply changes. During a "tune up" service call, we can optimize your system and take care of problems that include moving heads or renozzling to cure dry or wet spots. We are able to make the necessary adjustments for mature or changed landscaping, and pressure test your system for optimal head and pump performance. Most local service calls are still $50.00 and include up to one hour of labor.

How Much to Water? - While everyone's lawn and soil is different, most lawns require 1 to 1 1/2 inches of water per week. It is best to irrigate heavily and infrequently (about three times a week). Large turf heads that shoot a single stream of water and rotate should run 2 to 3 times longer than spray heads to get equal precipitation amounts. The best time to water is from 4AM to 8AM. This time of day will typically give you the best coverage without disruption from the wind or evaporation from the sun. During times of drought you may need to increase the amount of water and an occasional evening watering may be beneficial. CAUTION: Most people OVERWATER. This leads to possible disease and crabgrass, along with an unhealthy lawn.

Rain & Wind Sensors - Tired of your neighbor teasing you about watering in the rain or want to avoid the high water bills during the rainiest month of the year? A rain Sensor can often be easily installed to most systems (either wired or wireless) that can significantly reduce high water bills (about $100 depending upon installation). Wind sensors are also available.