Serving Residential & Commercial Customers in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan

Products - Anthony Irrigation uses the finest quality products available. Over the years we have learned which products offer the highest quality and longest trouble free operation.

Piping - Anthony Irrigation uses PVC pipe as it offers less water restriction, is approved for indoor use, and is less susceptable to kinking and future joint leaks than polypipe. We choose to sand all main line pipe and fittings, along with primer and schedule 40 pipe on all indoor use. This method of piping does take longer, but ensures clean fittings and therefore less change of future problems.

We use a vibrating plow to "pull" pipe into the ground between 7 and 12 inches deep, while causing minimal lawn disturbance. We also use more 1" and 1-1/4" pipe then competitive contractors. While this does increase pipe and fitting costs, future performance will not suffer due to flow restrictions.

Heads - Anthony Irrigation uses Hunter gear driven heads and sprays. Hunter provides excellent uniformity in precipitation coverage from head to end of stream and offers two and five year warranties. We have found cleaning and maintenance to be nearly eliminated with the use of these heads.

Valves and Wiring - Anthony Irrigation uses Rainbird valves and bleeders in full valve pits to ensure a clean and servicable installation. We also install 18 gauge "direct burial" wire to achieve long term servicability along with watertight connections. Often more wires than necessary are used for the ease of possible future expansions.

Controllers - Anthony Irrigation uses Hunter expandable professional and commercial controllers. These controllers provide the versatility to manage any landscape with easy addition of rain and wind sensors along with remote control.

Rust Stain Removal - Anthony Irrigation is a distributor of Rid O' Rust products. Ask us how to remove ugly rust stains and prevent them from coming back.

Landscape Lighting - Anthony Irrigation offers the beauty, safety and security of professional outdoor lighting from Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting. You will be able to enjoy your landscape and home investment during the quite and leisure time of evening. Accuntate the beauty of your home with outdoor landscape lighting. See also our Landscape Lighting page.