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Landscape Lighting - Anthony Irrigation also offers the beauty, safety and security of professional outdoor lighting by Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting. These products offer lifetime fixture warranties. You will be able to enjoy your landscape and home investment during the quiet and leisure time of evening. Accentuate the beauty of your home.

Nothing makes your home look more beautiful and "upscale" than a professionally installed landscape lighting system. By installing landscape lighting, your home and landscape remain beautiful after dark as well as in the daylight hours.

Landscape lighting also significantly improves security around your home. Unwanted intruders shy away from homes with lighting. The low voltage systems provide for low cost operation and installation is surprisingly affordable.

Anthony Irrigation provides a complete landscape lighting service. We will meet with you at your property and lay out a custom designed lighting system that accentuates the specific attributes of your home and landscaping, so your home will stand out at night in a unique way.